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Motorola to introduce a new PC TABLET powered by GOOGLE

December 27, 2010

New iPad fighter to be launched by Motorola

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N.E.R.D. Hypnotize U

November 2, 2010

Pharrell Williams comes back with a sonic ballad called Hypnotize U Dude is on another level and wants you to know it. We like the song though!

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Kanye West Runaway (short film version)

October 23, 2010

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Lebron James scores 38 points-Hawks beat the Heat in Preaseason game 98-89

October 23, 2010

LeBron James @kingjames scores 38 points and brings out the celebrities in Atlanta on 10/21/10 The October 21st Preseason game had T.I. Ciara Young Jeezy Trey Songz and many more in the building.  DSCF5566 DSCF5501Lebron Dunking on the Hawks DSCF5500 Ciara DSCF5551 Dream and Ciara DSCF5554T.I. Courtside DSCF5559Young Jeezy Courtside DSCF5580 High Flyers at Halftime DSCF5543
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Black Marriage Negotiations Video goes Viral

October 20, 2010

This video has opened up a great debate in the Black Community. Here is a response that was sent to me after I posted it on Twitter. http://www.goodgameradio.com/blackmarriage/  And here is some interesting information on the actual wealth of the Black Woman in America. We have a long way to go.  http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/10068/1041225-84.stm
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Eric Benet Video for SOMETIMES I CRY

October 14, 2010

Eric Benet lays it all on the line from time to time and with this song and video he has done it again. "Sometimes I Cry" Maybe there is hope for good music and great writers out there.

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Musiq - So Beautiful Video featuring Brittany Eady

October 12, 2010

Met Brit Eady over the weekend and I must say that she is even cuter in person  Wink...check her out her in one of my favorite videos with Musiq.

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Ray J consoles Tank after he crashes his Lamborghini

October 9, 2010

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Who is the hottest Music Producer POLL- Click on the link below...

August 30, 2010

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August 30, 2010

R. Kelly has the makings of another smash...if the whole EP has this feel it should be a big seller. Troubles aside...let's hope he can rebuild his tarnished image with a few more hits.
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Fantasia's GMA interview

August 27, 2010

She now has her diploma and a new CD, but no peace. We should just let her sing and let it go. Fantasia is a real talent. Will she make it?

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Lil Jon is back....

August 27, 2010

Lil Jon is back to get us crunk again...this time with crunk pop, but it looks like he has a hit with HEY 

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Drake Miss Me Video

August 20, 2010

What's really going on? Drake Miss Me video featuring (Lil Wayne) We are also getting word that Weezy F Baby may be free in a minute to help run Young Money. Hide your tracks, Hide your daughters....

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Trey Songz has a hit with BOTTOMS UP featuring Nicki Minaj

August 18, 2010

that is all...here is the video

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Antoine Dodson's 15 minutes

August 13, 2010

Antoine Dodson was interviewed by the news crews in Huntsville after his sister was an attempted rape victim.  He has become one of the most famous people in the country via the Youtube videos and is certainly the most famous person in Alabama right now.  now run tell that HOMEBOY!  lol

Here is the first interview

Here is the remix of the video...

Here is the follow up video with the news after You Tube made Antoine Dodson famous...

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T.I. releases video from Upcoming Album King Uncaged Got Your Back Featuring Keri Hilson

July 22, 2010

and in other news.... Nicki Minaj gives us a taste of her love with "Your Love"

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Drake's Thank Me Later Debuts at #1

June 24, 2010

Armed with nothing more that some talent and a mixtape, Canadian rapper, Drake took the country by storm with his 2009 mixtape that was leaked to the internet and later released through Young Money.  Selling close to 450k copies last week...the CD should easily reach gold sales this week.  If you haven't picked it up you should check it out and if you haven't heard of Drake then you must have been under a rock. 


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Donald J Pliner will visit Belk in the Summit April 29, 2010

April 21, 2010

 April 29th

Donald J Pliner, renowned fashion designer, philanthropist and founder of Donald J Pliner of Florida, Inc., will showcase his exclusive Spring 2010 collection and meet Belk customers on Thursday, April 29, at Belk at The Summit in Birmingham. Activities will take place from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the store's ladies' shoes and handbags departments and will include a special appearance in men's shoes. In addition to meeting customers, Pliner will be signing merchandise from his 2010 collection.

This event is free and open to the public. Don't miss your chance to meet Donald J Pliner and get a look at his new Spring collection.

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Wassup People Ci Ci is back

April 21, 2010

Ciara featuring Ludacris in "RIde"

She knows that sex sells...let's see what this song and video do for the new CD that is coming out... BAsiC InsTinCt

This one by Chris Brown may have some legs too Holla at Me feat TYGA

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March 6, 2010

I have been gone for a while, but now I am back... Sade sold 500K last month... Li'l Wayne is now in jail for a year or so...Trey Songz is finally gold...we are still waiting on the Last Train to Paris... The Saints won the Superbowl and Alabama is the National Champion of College Football. Hopefully these two hits will tide you over


Trey Songz Neighbors Know My Name


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January 1, 2010

Happy New Year...a new decade has also begun.  For 10 years we have been here sharing nightlife events from across the country and we promise to continue to keep you connected. 


we Work Hard Play Hard and Make it Happen....

Jay Z Swizz Beatz On to the Next One video from the Blueprint 3

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